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MWRS Flagpole Contest 2014

September 20, 2014

YYYARRRRRR!!!!  Where be that scurvy dog, VK2MIA?  He’s scuppered the competition, snatched the trophy ‘n’ swag and made off.  Nary a sign since January o’ this scallywag.  T’is time fer a new winner!

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Last year, MWRS’s inaugural Flagpole Contest (aka Pirate contest, as it follows International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th) was a great hit.  We had a number of entrants from within the club and further afield, including interstate entrants Peter Parker VK3YE, Andrew Scott VK3BQ and Brian VK4LH.  This is a FUN competition, as you will see when you read the rules!


Contest Aims

The goal of the event is to exercise your ability to operate using a portable antenna across multiple modes and perhaps to get you out of your normal operating comfort zone.  As you may have guessed, flagpoles are a central theme to this competition and talking like a pirate (or dressing like one) will also help your points haul.

Non-flagpole stations are welcome to participate, but will have to work a little harder to get points.


Rules are as follows

1. The Flagpole must make up part of the antenna or antenna support (note: it is deemed that a flagpole is any ‘pole’ that is carrying a ‘flag’!!)
2. The contest will run all day on Saturday 20th September 2014 (0000UTC to 2359UTC)
3. The President / Vice-President’s of the MWRS will be adjudicators.
4. This is a fun event, keep it fun and positive.
5. This event is open to all Amateur Frequencies and Modes.
6. A contact will be the exchange of Callsign, Signal Report and a quick report of your flagpole setup!
7. Log’s are to be submitted using the Competition spreadsheet. (See below)


  • Make a contact with a non-flagpole antenna 1 Point
  • Make a contact with a flagpole antenna  2 Points
  • Make a contact with another flagpole station 5 Points
  • Make a contact with D-Star 10 Points (Maximum of 100 Points)
  • Make a contact with a F call 5 Points
  • Email photo of your flagpole setup to contest@mwrs.org.au 20 Points
  • Send a SSTV Image of your flagpole setup to MWRS on HF 14.314159  50 Points (100 points for DX entries)
  • Flag being flown from your flagpole 10 Points (Need photo evidence – send via SSTV, email or both)
  • Pirate  or funny flag being flown from your flagpole 20 – 100 Points as judged by President (photo evidence req’d)
  • Pirate hat or costume – 20 – 100 Points as judged by President (photo evidence req’d)


Logging Spreadsheets

MWRS_Logsheet – Open Office Format

MWRS_Logsheet – Excel Format

Calling Frequencies

3670 kHz on 80 meters.

7045 kHz on 40 metres.

14.314159MHz SSTV (14 “Pi” MHz.. Pirates love pie!)

Terrey Hills 2 metre repeater 146.875 MHz FM output, 146.275 MHz input



September 20, 2014

9 Responses to MWRS Flagpole Contest 2014

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  2. David says:

    Hi all,
    I will fly my flag on the day but very much doubt if I will be on air due to all antennas down for “Major” service and replacement, I may try and get a signal on 40m using a vertical which is still in place but I will take some photos and put them on facebook where I have a personal page and have just setup a new page called “VK7 AMATEUR RADIO” where I have started to post relevant local Amateur photos.
    It all sounds like good fun and I also live on the North West Coast of Tassie.

    Cheers, David, VK7EX.

  3. Lucas says:

    Awesome – we gunna have a crack from the Apple Isle! :)

  4. Lucas says:

    do u have to register for the event?


  5. Geoff VK2AVR says:

    Hi Barry, the flagpoles were purchased off ebay (search for “aluminium flagpole”). The original seller doesn’t seem to come up in the search results so I guess it was a one off for them. There are a few others, take your pick!

    Hope you manage to get your hands on one and get on air for this year’s contest!


    Geoff VK2AVRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Barry says:

    do you still have any flagpoles to sell??, or can you point me towards a retailer…??

    tnks Barry VK3BDG

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