2013 Flagpole Comp wrap up!

What a great weekend!

As the dust settled and the flags were packed away for next years activities I collected the logs, photos and evidence for review at a casual club meeting. Firstly I have to say for our first comp things went really well, we had contacts from across the land in conditions that were difficult to say the least.

By popular vote points for flags, setup and effort were awarded and the I am happy to announce that the winner is …… Geoff VK2MIA with 152 points.



Not only did Geoff have a flag pole station, he also had a pirate hat, pirate dreadlocks, a sea location, made SSTV contacts and emailed through photos that he had a random by passer take. If that wasn’t enough he also had to deal with someone telling him he couldn’t do “what ever it was he was doing”…

Special mention goes to VK3BQ for his awesome efforts in getting the word out in VK3 about our comp and his great sstv images. VK3YE and VK3BQ for the YouTube video and everyone else who participated in this fun event.

Name Call Points
Garry VK2GAZ 119
David VK2DF 53
Glen VK2FWOO 8
Yves VK2AUJ 32
Geoff VK2MIA 152
Brian VK4LH 53
Peter VK3YE 61
Robert VK2RL 3
Andrew VK3BQ 130
Owen VL2OL 52
Shaun VK2XPP 105
Tim VK2BT 74

If you know of anyone missing please let me know asap..

The trophy was handed out on Wednesday night (Thanks Greg!) and now we look forward to next years INTERNATIONAL Flagpole Comp which will be held on Saturday 20th September 2014.



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  1. Andrew
    September 27, 2013    

    did I win? 😀

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