MWRS Flagpole Contest

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The Manly Warringah Radio Society invite you to celebrate International Talk like a Pirate day, Amateur Radio and Flagpoles by participating in our inaugural Flagpole Contest.

This is a fun and as you can see not too serious contest that will promote Amateur Radio and portable operations. So dust of your rig, get your antenna in the air and try out some new modes with friends.

Why Flagpoles

Geoff (VK2MIA) procured a Flagpole for mobile operations and tweaked the interest of the wider club when he brought it up to the clubhouse one wednesday night. Upon inspection a group buy was in planning, with Shaun (VK2XPP) taking the lead. The club procured almost 2 dozen flagpoles (From here). Once shaun picked up the shipment the club members get right to business, with some great results.

So with all these flagpoles ready for field operations the idea for this contest was born and the point structure was decided upon around the club fireplace with more than a few laughs.


Contest Aims

The winner of the competition will be the person who collects the most points during the day of the competition. The goal of the event is to exercise your ability to operate using a portable antenna across multiple modes and perhaps to get you out of your normal operating comfort zone.

Non-flagpole stations are welcome to participate, but will have to work a little harder to get points.

Rules are as follows

1. The Flagpole station must make up part of the antenna or antenna support.
2. The contest will run all day on the 21st of September 2013.
3. The President / Vice-President’s of the MWRS will be adjudicators.
4. This is a fun event, keep it fun and positive.
5. This event is open to all Amateur Frequencies and Modes.
6. A contact will be the exchange of Callsign, Signal Report and a quick report of your flagpole setup!
7. Log’s are to be submitted using the Competition spreadsheet. (See below)


  • Make a contact with a non-flagpole antenna 1 Point
  • Make a contact with a flagpole antenna  2 Points
  • Make a contact with another flagpole station 5 Points
  • Make a contact with D-Star 10 Points (Maximum of 100 Points)
  • Make a contact with a F call 5 Points
  • Email photo of your flagpole setup to 20 Points
  • Send a SSTV Image of your flagpole setup to MWRS on HF 14.314159  50 Points
  • Flag being flown from your flagpole 10 Points (Need photo evidence)
  • Pirate  or funny flag being flown from your flagpole 20 – 100 Points as judged by President

We will make a spreadsheet available on this page for submitting your logs. 

Calling Frequencies

3670 kHz on 80 meters.

7045 kHz on 40 metres.

2 metre repeater 146.875 MHz FM output, 146.275 MHz input


MWRS_Logsheet – Open Office Format

MWRS_Logsheet – Excel Format


  1. Garry Cottle
    September 10, 2013    

    Hi there,

    Looking forward to the 21st to participate in the Flag Pole event.

    When is the club posting the spreadsheet on the web site so we can submit your logs.

    73 Garry VK2GAZ

    • Carlo
      September 17, 2013    

      Posted.. Scroll up..

      Hope to see you on the air.

    • Garry Cottle
      September 17, 2013    

      Thanks Carlo, we are all set to go.

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