July Tech Night – APRS/GPS


Another month, another Tech Night!  This one was a good opportunity to show off portable APRS gear, GPS receivers etc.  Nick VK2FS brought a handheld radio and TinyTrak 3 as an APRS tracker, Phil VK2BDF showed us his custom made GPS satellite plotting software and Geoff VK2AVR was hacking around with some recently acquired GPS receivers […]

June Tech Night – Arduino


Following on from last month’s inaugural tech night, this month’s tech night was all about the Arduino!  We had many interesting demos and again attracted visitors from as far away as Newcastle.  Many thanks to everyone who brought projects to show off!  Mal VK2TMF brought his audio-activated tie, and an electric scooter package.  Marcel VK2HAQ brought his […]

Raspberry Pi Night


Last night the club held its first “4th Wednesday” tech night. This month we turn out attention to the Raspberry Pi, and invited people to bring their projects and ideas along. Yves was kind enough to send out his take on the night This was an amazing idea! So many new faces, new interests and […]

VK2RMB gets wifi

VK2RMB gets wifi

A few years ago the club was lucky enough to be selected to host one of a handful of ICOM supplied D-Star repeaters. As D-Star uses the internet to link repeaters around the world it was necessary to have our repeater shack setup with an ADSL connection, which the WIA graciously funded until recently. We […]

Nerds and nutterts


I am not a nerd – I just happen to have a very nerdy hobby: amateur radio! I have been playing with radios from the age of 13 or 14. I am still excited about building my own gear and antennas and making two-way Morse-code contacts with fellow nutters on the other side of the world. Time permitting, […]

Next Lecture April 15 – BALINT ...

Next Lecture April 15 – BALINT SEEBER – The ISEE-3 Rescue. & Software Defined Radio.

BALINT SEEBER – The ISEE-3 Rescue. & Software Defined Radio. Ever wanted to communicate with a NASA space probe launched in 1978, or spoof a restaurant’s pager system? There are surprising similarities! How about use an airport’s Primary Surveillance RADAR to build your own bistatic RADAR system and track moving objects? What sorts of RF transactions […]

Dick Smith visits MWRS

Dick Smith visits MWRS

This month Dick Smith dropped by MWRS to share his stories of starting Dick Smith Electronics, flying a chopper around the world and how Amateur Radio operators kept him company on his adventures. Tweet

2014 Flagpole Weekend Results and Pho...

2014 Flagpole Weekend Results and Photos!

Firstly a huge thanks to all those who participated in the event! We had a great weekend with club members and fellow amateurs raising the jolly roger across Australia. We all got a laugh from the photos, had a few stories to tell, chucked at Patrick being quizzed by park rangers and were very impressed […]

Flagpole Comp Updates

Flagpole Comp Updates

Glen (VK2FWOO) and I (VK2MXC) just fired up the SSTV receiver at VK2MB, and already we are getting images.   Here is the first cab off the rank, VK2BEN who has pirated a photo of a pirate. 😛                                   […]

CHA-250B review


Comet’s CHA-250B is an interesting antenna. It claims (and delivers) continuous broadband coverage from 3.5MHz to 57MHz with no ground radials. Comet’s website admits this is not without its compromises of course:   “If you have the space, budget and desire to erect a full size antenna system we suggest you do so… bigger is better…however…if […]

Three band end fed antenna

Three band end fed antenna

Geoff VK2TGO recently gave a lecture on an end fed antenna for 40-20-10m.  This antenna is fed using a 9:1 unun, just under 13 metres of wire and a loading coil near one end.  The antenna wire itself can be deployed in many ways: vertically, as an inverted V (with the feedpoint at one of the low […]

ILLW 2014 Wrap-Up

ILLW 2014 Wrap-Up

ILLW – International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend   Personally, I think ILLW stands for It’s Likely Lousy Weather!  This year was no exception.  Dom VK2JNA, Geoff VK2TGO and Geoff VK2AVR assembled at Staging point #1 (the coffee shop) just before 8am Saturday morning.  We continued to Staging point #2 (Palm Beach carpark) where we met […]

Club member Mal and his awesome home-...

Club member Mal and his awesome home-brew magic carpet.

Mal’s capabilities as a hacker are really on show here with his balancing scooter getting some airtime on YouTube! Tweet

Nick Hakko VK2DX get’s some pre...

Nick Hakko VK2DX get’s some press!

For those who frequent our YouTube channel you may remember Nick Hakko giving the club a lecture recently. Much to our excitement Nick’s work has recently gotten him into the press.. Check out the article here Sydney watchmaker is refusing to call time on his career If you missed his video check it out here Tweet

2013 – 2014 – Presidents ...

2013 – 2014 – Presidents Report

Well my first year as president of the MWRS has flown by, and I am still humbled by your approval and trust in me taking on the role. I have always loved technology, tinkering with gadgetry and socialising and this club represents and promotes all 3 of these things to the wider community. Sure we […]

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