Test Gear Tech Night! – 29th Ju...


Wednesday the 29th June 2016 is a Testing Gear Show & Tell evening!  Same format, however homebrew gears get double the votes!  I think we’ve got a pretty good idea who’s going to win! We are looking for any gears/tools used to test radio, feedlines, aerials, power supplies, etc.  We are looking for hi-tech, low […]

May Lecture – Magnetic Resonanc...


Erika Davies from Macquarie University presented our May Lecture on MRI machines: “Have you damaged your knee? Slipped a disc? Regardless of the specifics, many of us have had first-hand experience with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but not many of us are aware that this extremely pricey bit of kit is essentially a collection of amplifiers […]

Ross Beaumont (VK2KRB) – Quadra...


Ross Beaumont (VK2KRB) has shared his report on a suitable antenna to provide quasi-omni-directional coverage in azimuth from an antenna that is light and simple enough for amateur use, and focussing specifically on Quadrant antennas: Quadrant Antennas Tweet

5th Wednesday Challenge: E-Waste nigh...


For months with 5 Wednesdays we often initiate a challenge of some sort.  This month we put forward that club members bring up a project they have built out of repurposed electronics (ie, e-waste). Winner was Bob VK2RL with his direct conversion 40m receiver and power supply Runner up was Phil VK2BDF with a traffic light vehicle […]

1st Frenchs Forest Cubs Visit


  In March, MWRS hosted 1st Frenchs Forest Cubs at our Terrey Hills HQ, and we ran our “intro to radio” program showing the Cubs a variety of things radio-related.   Frenchs Forest cubs were a very enthusiastic troop and sent us a great report on the night: Tweet

March Lecture – History of AR i...


Tim gave us a great overview of the history of AR in NSW, click on the image below to watch!   Tweet

February Lecture – Spectrum Ana...


Watch Tim Jensen VK2BT’s Lecture  on Spectrum Analysers here: Spectrum Analyser Lecture     Tweet

3.4GHz QSO party


Nick VK2FS, Geoff VK2AVR and Shannon VK2GV (work neighbour of Geoff) activated Terrey Hills QF56OH as part of the inaugural 3.4GHz QSO Party.  Club member Derek also braved the rain to say hello. Weather was wet at times but we succeeded in talking to Dave VK2JDS, operating at Kurrajong Heights, and Steve VK2KFJ, operating from North […]

Upcoming Lecture – Spectrum Ana...


This week (Wed 17th) we will have a lecture on Spectrum Analysers (what they do, how to use them etc) – presented by Tim Jensen VK2BT.  An indispensable tool for anyone interested in RF!   Tweet

January Lecture – VLF signals, ...

Inside the VLF receiver

A very interesting lecture from Geoff VK2TGO this month on what can be heard on the VLF band (below 22kHz, which is essentially the audio band except in RF!).  Sferics, Whistlers, the Dawn Chorus..  our planet makes a lot of noise!! Unfortunately the video cut off at the 18 minute mark but it is a great […]

Trip Report – Camping at VK2JDS...

Bouncing signals off the moon

Over Australia Day long weekend club members Dom VK2JNA (plus harmonic), Geoff VK2AVR, Nick VK2FS (plus harmonic) and Chris VK2HX visited Dave VK2JDS and Phillipa VK2XPH who live about an hour north of Bathurst. The first sign Dave loves radio is the array of antennas on the homestead roof.  One’s attention is also quickly drawn to […]

VHF/UHF Summer Field Day 2016

2m 70cm 23cm Yagis

After an embarrassing realisation that it had been 2 years since our last VHF/UHF Field day, Nick VK2FS and Geoff VK2AVR activated the hill behind our repeater site for this year’s summer field day.  Greg VK2XE met us on location in the morning to help set up and grab some early contacts. We used the […]

1st Belrose Cubs Visit


Belrose Cubs visited out Club rooms to see some interesting aspects of radio.  We had 24 Cubs and entertained them with a presentation on spycraft, a demonstration of morse code, talking on HF radio, building a VHF radio station and a geocaching activity! Tweet

MWRS WebSDR Build – Part 2

Centre punching

Our WebSDR build is progressing well, after the first installment we had finished the construction of 3 x Softrock RX III kits.  These have all been brought together on the bench and compared to each other using SDR# and one of the Asus Xonar U7 sound cards.  The first 3 units are working well and construction […]

October Lecture – Jo Harris


Jo Harris (ex VK2KAA) shared a history of early wireless in Australia with us, including the first direct contact between Great Britain and Australia. Check it out here! Tweet

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