January Lecture – VLF signals, ...

Inside the VLF receiver

A very interesting lecture from Geoff VK2TGO this month on what can be heard on the VLF band (below 22kHz, which is essentially the audio band except in RF!).  Sferics, Whistlers, the Dawn Chorus..  our planet makes a lot of noise!! Unfortunately the video cut off at the 18 minute mark but it is a great […]

Trip Report – Camping at VK2JDS...

Bouncing signals off the moon

Over Australia Day long weekend club members Dom VK2JNA (plus harmonic), Geoff VK2AVR, Nick VK2FS (plus harmonic) and Chris VK2HX visited Dave VK2JDS and Phillipa VK2XPH who live about an hour north of Bathurst. The first sign Dave loves radio is the array of antennas on the homestead roof.  One’s attention is also quickly drawn to […]

VHF/UHF Summer Field Day 2016

2m 70cm 23cm Yagis

After an embarrassing realisation that it had been 2 years since our last VHF/UHF Field day, Nick VK2FS and Geoff VK2AVR activated the hill behind our repeater site for this year’s summer field day.  Greg VK2XE met us on location in the morning to help set up and grab some early contacts. We used the […]

1st Belrose Cubs Visit


Belrose Cubs visited out Club rooms to see some interesting aspects of radio.  We had 24 Cubs and entertained them with a presentation on spycraft, a demonstration of morse code, talking on HF radio, building a VHF radio station and a geocaching activity! Tweet

MWRS WebSDR Build – Part 2

Centre punching

Our WebSDR build is progressing well, after the first installment we had finished the construction of 3 x Softrock RX III kits.  These have all been brought together on the bench and compared to each other using SDR# and one of the Asus Xonar U7 sound cards.  The first 3 units are working well and construction […]

October Lecture – Jo Harris


Jo Harris (ex VK2KAA) shared a history of early wireless in Australia with us, including the first direct contact between Great Britain and Australia. Check it out here! Tweet

JOTA 2015

Some coaching on the finer points of Battleships

Another successful Jamboree On The Air!  This year we hosted 180 Scouts and Guides over the weekend, and the activities were widely enjoyed.  This year’s activities were: Build a radio station – put up a mast, connect feedline to radio, check SWR is OK and make a contact on air Find a hidden “geocache” using a GPS – […]

Flagpole 2015 – Results!


Amid much laughter and some fanfare, the judging was completed and presented at the recent MWRS Business Meeting.  We had a number of great entries this year, and bonus points once again became an important factor for the victors. Peter Parker VK3YE made a dominant effort by going pedestrian mobile, and takes the winner’s trophy.  In a surprise […]

Flagpole 2015 – Submit your log...

vk3ye flag 2015 1

Ahoy maties!  Th’ weather in Sydney shivered me timbers but couldn’t drive away this old salt.  We heard Peter Parker VK3YE on air, with pics emailed and youtube video already online! Submit your logs!  Contest page is HERE (log sheet down the bottom).  Don’t forget to send in pics of your flagpole station and costume for extra points!  Email […]

September Lecture – Mike VK2UCT...


Mike VK2UCT talks about the advances in electronic blasting in the mining industry.  Watch on Youtube! Watch Lecture Tweet

1st Forestville Cubs Visit


MWRS hosted a “radio night” for approximately 15-20 cubs from 1st Forestville Cubs, with a few different activities to entertain the cubs and show them a bit of radio.  Cub Leader Tim Webster gave us this report: The 1st Forestville Cub Scouts had a great night hosted by The Manly-Warringah Radio Society. As part of […]

MWRS WebSDR Build – Part 1

Softrock RX III - finished!

What is a WebSDR and why make one? SDR means “software defined radio” – and the basic premise is that instead of homing in on one signal using a classic receiver, you can sample a substantial “chunk” of radio spectrum and then do whatever processing you like with it using software (all of the demodulation/filtering etc is […]

ILLW 2015 Wrap-up

Squid pole and EFHW

Another great year at Barrenjoey, with the traditional start at the coffee shop for a perk up.  Starters Dom VK2JNA, Geoff VK2TGO, Mike VK2UCT, Clint (VK2SOON!!) and Geoff VK2AVR met at the traditional rally point (coffee shop).  This year we augmented coffee with bacon and egg rolls, but our NPWS escort was waiting for us at Palm Beach […]

MWRS goes to Barrenjoey!


Sat-Sun 15-16 August 2015   We will once again make the 93m vertical ascent to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Palm Beach for International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW).  This is a fun weekend playing radio in a very scenic location, the climb is worth it!  Come see us, find out a bit more about amateur radio or […]

Arthur Gerald Sabin VK2AGS – SK

Gerry VK2AGS

Arthur Gerald Sabin (VK2AGS) passed away early on 5th August 2015.  He was our oldest and longest-serving member having joined in 1934, only a few years after our club’s foundation (1923)!  Gerald contributed much over his many decades of MWRS membership and will be greatly missed. Peter Jackson VK2WPJ on ‘Gerry’ Sabin Tweet